Is an annual, international conference organised by Westerdals Faculty of Communication and Design, The University College Kristiania, Oslo, Norway.

The Future of Retail is a part of the mandatory course Trend Analysis and Forecasting for the third year bachelor students in the Retail design program. The themes of this course are fashion, design, social trends analysis and forecasting. By the end of the course, a students should be able to understand different theories of innovation and use them in their practical projects. The goal of the course is to use the understanding of trends to develop retail strategies and solutions. The course takes a global view of markets.

Every year a research topic gets proposed by professor McQuillan. The conference follows the research topic (CONCEPT), and the speakers from academic and professional fields, both locally and internationally, are selected to present their views on a particular topic, and predict the potential growth of it, with short time and long time forecasting.




  • 2014 The Architect’s Role in Building a Brand

  • 2013 The Future of Retail